Best Moments

7-all wound up-Turning the Gears in Business, Life, and Relationships


So here are some moments people get all wound up for, and they should be. These are great moments in life. Check out this list of 5 things you should get wound up about as well:

  1. Money
  2. Women
  3. Travel
  4. Freedom
  5. Truth

Why money? You and billions of other people work everyday for that currency. Don’t fool yourself. You are in need of money and work relentless hours to get it. So you need to GET YOURSELF IN GEAR and find ways to make your won money. Your either making yourself rich, or someone else. I’d rather make myself rich, ya feel me?

Why women? Every person on the earth came from them. They seem to be who strong men turn to for comfort, satisfaction, advice, and love. Now, we don’t want to give credit to all the women. Men have just as strong of a position. Without men in the lives of families and such, you can find the statistics how fatherlessness is rampant. But hey, we want to honor women in this article. Ladies, stay fine and sexy. We love it, rock that new hair do girl.

Why travel? Who wouldn’t want to take a week vacation every month and enjoy the scenery the Good Lord created for everyone? Ok that’s what we thought. As Jay Z said, on to the next one.

Why freedom? Working 40-60 hours for a company is modern day slavery with great pay. At the end of the day, you’re not the main owner. You’re slavin’ and you need to change that. When you can make your own schedule, no one can take that away from you…except for you.

Why truth? Without absolute truth, we would all (as many people still do) live in a lie. What’s more important¬†–¬†fighting for truth, or living a lie?¬†

There you go. The best moments you’ll ever live confound in these 5 areas.